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Mine Blocks 1.23
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Game info
Mine Blocks 1.23
2174 plays
Date added: 2015-03-04

Hey, all Minecraft friends! Have you discovered cool features in Mine Blocks 1.23 – the latest version of Mine Blocks series? If not, be swift to jump into there instantly.

Just like other versions, the players have to deal with plenty tasks when playing this game. Landing on the playing field, be clever to instruct Steve to walk around the Minecraft land to collect some necessary materials. Now, let's open the Task List and try to carry out the requirements to receive a huge support. In there, players are provided with different kinds of awesome resources, such as wooden pressure plates, ender dragon boss, iron doors, caramel, potatoes, carrots, gold armor and armor bar, and more. Let's mine some to set up the constructing process, and then, look for an ideal location to place your structure. It can be castles, towers, shelters, or any building. Remember to craft tools and weapons in the Inventory to serve the mission well.

Now, let's get started! Wish you have great times in Mine Blocks 1.23!

Instructions: Guide Steve: arrow/WASD keys.
Mine blocks: hold the mouse.
Place blocks: the mouse + Shift.
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