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Min Hero Tower Of Sages
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Game info
Min Hero Tower Of Sages
905 plays
Date added: 2014-08-28
Description: With the dream of dominating the whole world as well as owning rich regions of the planet, you are planning to train tactics capabilities, battling skills and brilliance to become an excellent commander or at least a brave hero, right? Today, we introduce you to Min Hero Tower Of Sages where there are cliffhanging and exciting battles. As for as the story of Min Hero Tower Of Sages, it revolves around a little hero who wishes to become the Grand Sage and train Titans. However, in order to take this role, he must collect 6 Sage Seals. Let’s guide him throughout a forest where there are towers. Enter each of the towers to take up a specific mission. In short, most of the suggested missions focus on defeating targets to gain the victory and bring back the Sage Seals. Be fast to play the awesome game now!
Instructions: Min Hero Tower Of Sages is enjoyed by using the left mouse.
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