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Mole Mines
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Game info
Mole Mines
444 plays
Date added: 2016-05-15
Description: It seems like Mr. Mole is in need of your help, players. What just happened to him? Be quick to enter Mole Mines and get him out of troubles. There's no time for hesitating!
The character is kind of stuck in a mine field, and your aim is to help him get through…but how? Considered as a fun twist on the classic minesweeper game, the players are asked to clear the map without hitting a mine to win. Focus on the main screen – right now, what you should do is clicking on the tiles to progress on the board. If a number appears on a tile – it indicates how many total mines are in the tiles that surrounding it. Making use of the numbers to help deducing whether the next tile is safe to unveil or not. Remember to mark mines to avoid the mole falling into the mine shafts!
Now, jump into Mole Mines and start clicking each tile. Be careful, you don't want to uncover a mine, do you? Wish you luck!
Instructions: Help Mr. Mole by activating your mouse.
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