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Ducktales 2
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Game info
Ducktales 2
185 plays
Date added: 2016-09-05

Always looking for adventure, Scrooge MrDuck is traveling around the world once again. Enter Ducktales 2, a platforming adventure game, and become his assistant to unravel the mystery.

This time, Mr. Scrooge is on the way searching for pieces of a map that is believed to lead him to the lost treasure. Accompany him to some exotic locales, such as Niagara Falls, the Bermuda Triangle, Egypt, Scotland, and a mysterious land of Mu, and race against Flintheart Glomgold to get the hidden prize. Through six levels, players' mission is to help Uncle Scrooge collect the map pieces before Glomgold. Make use of his cane to attack enemies and bosses, pull levers, and throw or break objects. Once all the missing pieces of Fergus MrDuck's treasure map are recovered, you can find the way to the final lost treasure.

While moving, collect money to buy needful items and extra lives. Relish Ducktales 2 immediately!

Instructions: Move and duck with the arrows.
Jump with Z.
Select items with Enter.
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