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Tower Droids 2
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Game info
Tower Droids 2
101 plays
Date added: 2016-09-11

The enemies are attacking your territory. So, you have no choice but to defeat them immediately. Head towards Tower Droids 2 and take action to protect your resources and your people.

Once entering the battlefield, the players' objective is to take control of an air droid and blast all the baddies. At the same time, quickly construct and upgrade a powerful tower to defend your base against hordes of attackers and robotic bosses. The more foes you destroy, the more money and bonuses you get. Use the reward to upgrade the power and capacities for your both flying drone and fortress for better conditions. You can also choose your favored weapon from 3 options: machine gun, shotgun, and sniper rifle; or, mix them up and you'll have the greatest advantage.

Accomplish all levels in 8 challenging worlds in Tower Droids 2 for a proud victory!

Instructions: WASD or arrow keys: Control the drones.
Mouse: Aim and shoot.
1-3 keys: Switch weapons.
R: Reload.
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