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Date added: 2016-11-23

Are you bored lately? Why don’t you try Morphling, a fun action puzzle platformer with retro style art, instantly? This game offers you a full pack of 30 levels. Dare to challenge, guys?

Once tap Start, the players will take control of a tiny creature which was a result of a lab experiment. He has the ability to morph to a series of animals and creatures, from bat, cat to fish. What is your goal here? Help the creature to make an interesting adventure through all the levels. Make use of his abilities to overcome obstacles and each certain terrain. Ask him to attack or shoot other enemies, fly over obstructions as a bat, swim under the water by being a fish, dash through hazards like a nimble cat, etc. You can find a lot of innovative in-game features fun to play with.

Go to Morphling and attack, evade, shoot, fly, climb, swim, as well as attach yourself to the walls. Finish all stages for a victory!

Instructions: Arrow keys: Moving.
Space: Jumping.
Z and X: Attacking and shooting.
C: Evading.
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