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Brick Tickler
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Game info
Brick Tickler
222 plays
Date added: 2016-11-25

There are bricks in the sky in the Brick Tickler city. Why? What if the bricks fall on our heads? So dangerous, no one like this. It’s time to send units against them…do you want to lend a hand, players?

In this fun retro-inspired breakout style game, your ultimate goal is to clear all the levels for a win. Just like any other breakout clone, the objective is to remove all bricks with the ball. You must volley the ball back and forth and prevent it from going out of the screen by taking control of the paddle. When playing, you may realize there are many unexplained and hidden features. For example, bricks do not disappear if got hit, they fall down. Fallen bricks can be caught with the paddle and they will bounce – each bounce gives additional points.

Play hard and gain a high score in Brick Tickler. Sometimes it’s good to enjoy something classic. Have fun!

Instructions: Tap X to serve ball.
Hit arrows to move the paddle.
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