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Mars Miner
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Game info
Mars Miner
943 plays
Date added: 2014-06-22
Description: Mars Miner is a prospect in 2090 when the Earth’s natural resources will rapidly become exhausted. At that time, humans must begin explorations of other planets to look for new energy sources. The Delta Corporation – a secret organization of the Earth will be responsible for this mission. Mars is chosen to become the first planet for the humans’ exploration of the new recourses. You, players of Mars Miner are required to role-play the controller of a machine of this organization to dig depths of Mars to pick up lots of ores and other minerals. Pay attention to the Fuel bar at the bottom. It will run out in accordance with time and machine’s digging. Try to grab the certain number of minerals under the ground and ascend the surface before it is out. If this happens, the machine will be broken, and the game will stop instantly. Here we go!
Instructions: The left and right arrow keys are for moving.
The down and up arrow keys are to dig and fly.
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