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Mine Warfare
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Game info
Mine Warfare
394 plays
Date added: 2014-07-16
Description: Are you ready to attend a huge fight with us, all Minecraft guys? Do you believe in yourself that you will become the most excellent winner? Have an access in Mine Warfare and illustrate your ability instantly! This game requires players to decimate all of the enemies, tanks, and turrets in each level. Take an opportunity to guide a brave soldier to move around, seek for the enemies’ place and lay the mines. Try to do cautiously (get out of there whenever placing the mines) and accurately (explode the enemies when they’re coming near). However, remember to avoid the enemies’ counter attack to ensure the life. Got it? Ah, don’t forget to collect necessary items whenever blasting out trees i.e. shoes (run quickly), remote control (control the mines), lightning (promote the mines’ power), coins (enhance the fund), and heart (get 1 extra life). With the best supports, do you think you are able to finish 15 levels well? Take action to see the ultimate result!
Instructions: Run: WASD.
Lay the mines: J.
Use the remote control: K.
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